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A New Compact UWB Microstrip BPF for Wireless Communication Using DGS

Tasher Ali Sheikh
North Eastern Regional Institute Of Science And Technology, India
Janmoni Borah
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science And Technology, India


A novel compact ultra-wide band microstrip band-pass filter has proposed in this paper for the application of wireless communication systems. By using DGS, desired UWB microstrip BPF has designed. The designed filter has maintained lesser insertion loss, high selectivity, and very good return loss. The proposed pass band filter has guaranteed the sharpness of skirts of the parameters because of appearances of transmission zero near the each pass band edges. The presences of three poles at the pass band in the designed UWB BPF could scale up the bandwidth and enhanced the selectivity. At 6 GHz center frequencies, the 3dB fractional bandwidth is 56.07%. The simulated values of the insertion loss and return loss of the proposed filter are -0.0184dB and -43.84dB respectively. The Ansoft high-frequency structural simulator has used for the frequency response of the designed filter.


Bandpass filter (BPF);
Ultra wideband (UWB);
Defected ground structure (DGS);
Fractional Bandwidth (FBW);
Insertion loss;
Return loss;
Group delay

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