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Rain Streaks Removal in Image via Decomposition and Visibility Feature Saturation

Ruchi Katre


Nitesh Dodkey

Surabhi Group of Institution Bhopal, India


The rain like streaks or spots in any gray or colour image may degrade its quality.  Several removals techniques are available to remove by using high frequency components which may increase unnecessary intensity. In this paper we are comparing the rain removal algorithm by traditional decomposition methods with visibility features extraction methodology. The frequently used saturation-visibility feature (SVF) rain and removal mainly used orientation filter with digitally controlled high pass filter or HPF.  The visual depth guide or VDG may by help of the common morphological features. The high-frequency fragments, histogram of adjusted grades, popular Eigen colour, strength of ground are necessary for extract rain are discussed in this paper. Different experimental results are compared the efficacy of the rain removal algorithms and the result shows that VDG is better than the SVF method but required more computational time.


Image decomposition method, Morphological component analysis, Raindrops omitting process, Rain removal methodology, sparse representation process, Saturation feature extraction.

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Cited as

Ruchi Katre and Nitesh Dodkey, “Rain Streaks Removal in Image via Decomposition and Visibility Feature Saturation,” International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 82-85,  2017.


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