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Measurement of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Cu-Ni-Cr Spinodal Alloy

Sagar C. Jirapure 

Dept. of. Mechanical Engineering, JD Institute of Engineering & Technology, Yavatmal –445001, MS, India
email: sagarjirapure@rediffmail.com

Atul B. Borade

Dept. of. Mechanical Engineering, JD Institute of Engineering & Technology, Yavatmal –445001, MS, India


The objective of the present examination is to learn the microstructure of copper-nickel-chromium spinodal alloy and its outcome on mechanical properties. A commercially important Cu-28.9%Ni-2.8%Cr alloy has been heat treated to create spinodal structures. Optical and transmission electron microscopic revision have been carried to learn the spinodally decomposed product and to compute the wavelengths in the sampling. The lattice imaging system of high-resolution electron microscopy is useful to investigate the compositional fluctuations in this alloy. Homogenized and solution treated samples were aged at various temperatures for unlike phase of time. The correlation of mechanical properties with microstructure then demonstrates a dependence of yield stress growth on lattice parameter change between the two phases.


Cu-Ni-Cr alloy, heat treatment, Spinodal decomposition, microstructure, hardness.

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Sagar Jirapure and Atul Borade, “Measurement Of Mechanical Properties And Microstructure Of Cu-Ni-Cr Spinodal Alloy,” International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp.78-81,  2017.


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