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Entrepreneurial Judgment and Analysis for Successful Strategy Implementation

Momin Mukherjee

Editor, IJOAEM

e-mail: editor@ijoaem.com


This paper, describe the various challenges, findings, and recommendation regarding the biggest challenges of the strategies implementation. The primary purpose of this study is to describe the internal problems and external challenges of an organization. Internal problems include wrong management style/ directors’ leadership, lack of proper policies regarding the organization are analysis here. The Insufficient financial resources, the unsound reward system for the staff, unstructured organization strategies, miscommunication among the employees of the organization, etc. are affecting the organization. The external challenges are an economical problem in the international market, political insecurity, improper use of government rules and regulations, external competitors in the world market, etc. are also discussed here.


Dynamic organization Management framework;
Organizational environment;
Strategic business unit;
Strategic leadership.

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Cited as

Momin Mukherjee, “Entrepreneurial Judgment and Analysis for Successful Strategy Implementation,” International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp.1-8, 2017. https://ijoaem.org/00201-6

 DOI: https://doi.org/10.24999/ijoaem/02010006


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